1st Line for Internet & 2nd for VoIP: How to you do it?

I'm pretty up to speed with VoIP. But not sure about this:

We are going to have one SDSL line for VoIP only and a second for internet surfing etc. But we will have one CAT5 network with one router (one that works with two net connections).

Now how do I ensure my SNOM phones operate on the first line only - and the computers on the second? I think it's something to do with setting the gateways on the devices - ie: the IP address of the router.

If I get a router that can handle two net connections does it have two IP gateway addresses? ie: one for each SDSL connection?

Can I put two SDSL routers on one network - rather then one duel on?

Thanks in advance folks.

It's exactly the setup we've got.

We have an Easynet 1Mb/s SDSL connection for our VoIP, with the router's internal address as

We have a BT "up to 8Mb/s" (currently running at about 5.5Mb/s) ADSL connection for regular Internet and email, with the router's internal address as

Both are attached to our switches. DHCP is set up for regular PCs so that they use the gateway, but for our Snom phones it's set up so that they use

If your SDSL modem/router provides DNS, then use this as your DNS server for the phones. This will ensure that if you have to take the ADSL line down for any reason, it won't affect your phones.

Great advice - thanks. I get the picture.

But you have just one DNS server on the network correct? And this is on the router that's the gateway for the SNOM phones?

Plus: if I plug a PC into the 2nd ethernet port on the back of a SNOM am I just using it as a hub/switch - or am I effectively using the same IP address as the phone and hence the VoIP gateway?

Our current setup is sub-optimal in that we only have one DNS server (it's on a separate server that's running Kerio Firewall (which I wouldn't recommend to anybody!)).

The ideal situation is that you have two DNS servers: one used for regular internet traffic which uses the Internet gateway, and one for VoIP traffic that uses the VoIP gateway. That way, if the Internet ADSL link goes down, VoIP traffic is unaffected (and vice-versa).

The Snoms include a two-port switch, so both your PC and phone still have their own IP addresses. It's sub-optimal though, as large amounts of traffic from your PC could (theoretically at least) affect audio quality. I'd view using the Snom's built-in switch as an ad-hoc tactical solution, rather than something you'd use for all VPBX users.

Thanks David.

I've always understood tha haveing 2 or more DNS servers on a network is a real no-no. PC's could default to the wrong DNS server - plus IP address can end-up being duplicated etc. But I guess if it's set-up right (define IP ranges etc) it will work.

There's no problem with it as far as I know.

Network devices don't do a broadcast to a DNS server - they have to be set up to use a specific primary (and possibly secondary) DNS server.

You may be thinking of multiple DHCP servers - that's a definite no-no!

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