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Voipfone's Advanced Features

For features of the Virtual PBX see:
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All Voipfone accounts, telephone numbers and individual extensions include the following features as standard:

Unlimited and Free Internet Calls
When you use your Voipfone softphone or one of the new Internet telephones or adapters, and call anyone else that uses them, the call is totally free. Additionally, Voipfone is a promoter of open networks, so if the person you want to call also has an open network policy, that call will be free too.

Free UK National Number
Every account is given a free 056 number and you can also choose 0870, 0845, 0800, and most UK geographic numbers (see below). You may have as many numbers on your account as you like.

UK Telephone Numbers
With Voipfone you can take your pick of UK telephone numbers from 0870, 0800, 0845 and any UK geographic number you like & you don't even need to be in the area code for the number you choose. With all our numbers you can call anyone in the world on any telephone network and they can call you, often for free, always low cost

International Telephone Numbers
You can have a telephone number in another country (that any ordinary telephone can call) without needing to have an office there. These numbers are high quality, PSTN (E1) connections, direct from the country of origin into our network here in the UK. They are therefore fully suitable for business use and call quality and reliability can be guaranteed

Voicemail is your digital answering machine, but unlike a normal answering machine you can hear your messages from almost anywhere and not only from a landline but also from your mobile phone, from the Internet and even by email.
When you're busy or away or on the phone you can have your service divert to voicemail. You can record your own personal message or use the pre-programmed one that we provide.

Voicemail to Email
The voicemail messages are also automatically converted into a sound file, attached to an email and mailed to you. You can then listen to it from your PC from anywhere. Because it is a digital recording you can even save it on your PC or email it to someone else.

Voicemail SMS Alerts
If you're travelling, but need to know when people have left messages for you on your office voicemail, you can have Voipfone send you an SMS (text) message to your mobile phone to let you know and you can dial into it wherever you are, from any telephone.

Call Recording
You can record all your calls, both inbound and outbound with the press of a button and play them back or download them to your PC from our website (This is a chargeable service, currently 2.5p pm ex VAT)

Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
If you have a device that supports it, you can tell that you have a message waiting from your telephone or adapter. This will either be a flashing light (telephones) or stuttered dial tone (adapters and telephones) or sometimes an occasional ring (adapters)

Music On Hold
Sometimes when you're dealing with a call you need to do something else, maybe talk to a colleague, take another call, look something up or just answer the door bell. You can put the caller on hold while you do whatever you need to do and while you're away the caller will hear music until you're ready to pick the call up again.

Call Transfer
Calls can be transferred to any telephone anywhere. If the call is transferred to another Voipfone user or extension the call is free, no matter where it is transferred to & even internationally. Callers hear music on hold during the transfer.

Call Divert
Calls to your numbers and extensions can be diverted to other extensions or external numbers.
If the call is transferred to another Voipfone user or extension the call is free, no matter where it is transferred to & even internationally.

Control Panel
With Voipfone's On Line Control Panel you can manage your account in real time, from your own PC or any other PC anywhere in the world. From the Panel you can view an itemised record of all the calls you've made and received, see your account balance and top it up, upgrade to other services or cancel one you no longer need. You can edit your details and update registered phone numbers at any time.

This is the place to see all the other features of the Voipfone service too, such as the Virtual PBX, set up Conference Calling, update your address book, setup your Calendar and Alerts, check your Voicemail messages, send and receive SMS messages, set your Call Diverts and make Web Calls. Any changes you make are instantaneous

Call Waiting
If you're having a busy day, you'll probably make and receive a lot of calls. Once upon a time people calling you would get a frustrating engaged tone. Now, with Voipfone, you know when someone is calling, even if you're using the phone at the time. So you can put your first caller on hold and answer the second then toggle between them as much as you like. Because you can view incoming caller identity, you can even see who's calling before you decide to answer.

Choose your CLI (Calling Line Identity)
Your telephone sends your telephone number through our network to the telephone you are calling. If the called telephone has a display (like a mobile phone) it will show your telephone number. This is a useful feature & for instance if the person called has your name in his address list it will display the name not just the number and if you send your number he can call you back. This is often used by people to call you back if they missed your call using the 1471 service. With Voipfone you can have several numbers and you can choose which one you want to send & even if it's a number not on our system, your BT or mobile number for example.

1471 Last number Dialled
Voipfone can tell you the number of the last call to your Voipfone number; whether you answered it or not. This means you can call back the telephone number that called you.

Call Conferencing
You can hold a conference with any number of people to last as long as you like, any time you like. You can see it as a room that we build for you when you register - it's always open for you and your guests to walk into, anytime. Any Voipfone customer can use this service for free when calling from the Voipfone network. Your colleagues and friends can also join from any ordinary telephone anywhere in the world, even if they are not a Voipfone customer.

3 Way Calls
Sometimes you don't need a full conference call, it's often very useful to bring a third person into a phone call - now it's really easy to do.

Call Divert
If you're going out but still need to receive an important call, you can divert your Voipfone calls to any number, anywhere. This is especially useful if you want to divert your calls to your mobile phone or a colleague's office or friends home. If you divert the call to another Voipfone number or customer, or someone on another VoIP network that has partnered with us the call is totally free.
Note: this feature does not even require broadband or VoIP, a divert can be set to a PSTN or mobile & useful if you just need a second number but don't want to mess with VoIP yet.

Failover Call Divert
If, for any reason, your telephone stops registering with our network & maybe your network or ISP is down or you have a power failure - Voipfone detects this and switches your incoming calls to whatever number you tell us. If you set this number to your PSTN or mobile number you will never lose a call if you have a local network problem.

Divert on Busy
This does just what it says on the tin! However, it's a bit of the legacy telephone business as most VoIP telephones now have the ability to deal with more than one call at a time so the caller may only rarely hear busy tone.

WiFi Calls
You can load Voipfone's free softphone onto your laptop and use a wireless link (WiFi) from anywhere your network will reach. You can even try it from a WiFi Hotspot away from home to make free 'mobile' phone calls!

Web Calls
You can use any telephone anywhere to make a call and have the call charged to your own account, not the account of the phone owner. This means that any phone, anywhere, becomes your own and you can use it without feeling guilty!

Fax to Email
Voipfone incoming faxes are converted automatically by us to emails and then sent directly to your email account. Of course, once you have your faxes as an email you can print them, store them electronically or send them on to others easily. This saves you the cost and inconvenience of owning a fax machine.

Call Records
Voipfone gives you online, real time access to records of the calls you have made, received or missed. You can see details of all the calls you have ever made showing; the date and time, the destination, the duration and the cost for each call and the total cost of all the calls in the period.
This is a permanent record so that you can have total budgetary control of your Voipfone usage.
You may also download your call records to a CSV file which can then be opened in a spreadsheet package such as Excel and used to keep track of all your calls.

Adding and Cancelling Services & the Voipfone Package Builder
We recognise that as companies grow their needs change - they need to take on new services and get rid of old ones that don't fit anymore. With our Package Builder you can add products and services whenever you need to - you're not tied down to contracts and complicated calling plans. You just pick what you need to build the service that suits you. If you need to cancel a service you can do it at any time from your control panel without penalty, we do not tie you into any long term commitment.

Address book dialing (Voipfone TAPI)
We provide free software that links the Voipfone service to other applications that you may have on your PC such as your Contacts in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. With this installed you can click on the name of the person you want to call in your Address Book or Contacts Directory and you will be connected to that telephone number, no more dialling!

Asterisk Support
We support Asterisk for SIP through normal registration.

IP authentication
We provide IP registration on request. This feature is very useful for integrating other equipment with Voipfone such as legacy PBX systems.

Voipfone for Mobile Phones
We can reduce the cost of your mobile phone bill, particularly if you are calling or travelling abroad. We have 3 products to suit the type of contract you have with your mobile phone company and the situation you are in. They are all very clever little products that will save you a lot of money.

Call Me Back & a telephone on your web site
Call Me Back is a clever way of getting your customers to call you from your web site, perhaps as a way of driving sales or as part of a your customer support service. It's small button that you put on your web site. Your customers click on the button which loads a small pop-up window. They then type their telephone number in to the box provided and Voipfone

Web Calls
If you have access to the internet, you can use any telephone anywhere to make a call and have the call charged to your own account, not the account of the phone owner. This means that any phone, anywhere, becomes your own and you can use it without feeling guilty! Voipfone calls the phone you're making the call from, then makes another call to the person you want to call; then connects both together. So you will be charged for two calls. But because our prices are so low, even with two calls, this is still a more economical way of making a call than, say, from your mobile.

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