The Voipfone Virtual Switchboard (PBX) - Features

The Voipfone Virtual Switchboard (PBX)

This is a 'Self Service' PBX which you set up and manage yourself from your control panel on our web site. It gives you the features and functionality of telephone systems that were previously only affordable by large corporations. It's a sophisticated call management system too and it's suitable for an ordinary office, a virtual office or several offices in several locations and even your own home.

Up to 800 Telephone extensions
You can have up to 800 extensions on one account and each have the features and functions of a normal account such as call forward, voicemail, voicemail to email, music on hold, conferencing etc. Additionally, with all PBX accounts you get business hours, number and line presentation plus a lot more!

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Free calls between extensions & wherever they are
Extensions can be in the same office, a remote office, a home office or even another country & wherever they are calls between them are free of charge.

Unlimited Lines and calls
We do not restrict the number of simultaneous calls you can make on our PBX; you are limited only by your own network and bandwidth.

External Direct Dial In (DDI) numbers for all extensions
You can attach as many numbers as you like to as many extensions as you like within the PBX. This means that each extension can have its own incoming calls from the outside world and they can be added and subtracted as you like.

Internal Direct Dialling to extensions
All extensions can be dialled directly from inside the PBX using short number dialling.

Set your Business Hours
You can set the hours that your office is open so that when you are closed, calls go to voicemail.

Ring One or Ring All (simultaneous ring)
An incoming call to the master account can either ring all extensions at once so that the first person to pick up gets the call, or just one phone so that your receptionist can then forward the call to the correct extension.

Individual Group in/out
You can take individual extensions out of the ring group or put them back in again at will from your own control panel.

Call Groups
The group feature allows you to combine some of your extensions so that they ring together when called. This is useful if your business is organised into departments with more than one person in each department or if some of your people wish to work from home as well as the office (no need to set diverts or call different numbers.)

Call Pickup
Calls can be picked up from other phones in the same call group.

Line & Number Presentation
This free feature enables you to see which of your telephone numbers is being called instead of the number of the person calling you. ie it displays Called Line ID instead of Calling Line ID (CLI) on your phone. This can be a very useful feature because with Voipfone you can have as many numbers on your account as you want but sometimes you need to know which one of them your caller dialled. For example, if you run more than one business but only have one telephone, you will want to answer the phone with the correct business name.

Call Queuing
Call queuing allows you to accept more calls into your telephone system than you have extensions or employees to answer them. With call queuing, your customers are answered automatically, held in a queue and while they are waiting for a representative they hear music and receive personal messages about where they are in the queue and when they will be answered. You never lose a customer because you couldn't answer the phone.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response
Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts etc

Coming soon!

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