Call Groups not listed

We have a problem setting up answerphone messages & having them set first time, at present its taking 3-4 attempts to set it.

see original forum post here

Voipfone support are trying to replicate the problem but are unable too which is a little frustrating.

A suggestion was made to pre record messages on individual extensions & then set diverts to these extensions, we have done this in the past when we only had 1 number to give out for call outs but is a little difficult now we have 10

So this got me thinking, Call groups may help.

We purchased Group 1, then put all our extensions in this group , divert the main account to the extension with the correct message for tonight and everything should automatically kick with business hours.

The problem is, the sales literature says:-
Tick the extensions you wish to be grouped together (ie those that you wish to ring simultaneously when called). Save.

Now click the 'Go back to PBX' button and look under the 'Inbound Phone Number Set-up'. In the drop down menu next to the telephone number that you wish to direct to the group of extensions you have just made choose Group 1 (or whatever number group you have used). Save.

Now whenever that number is called those extensions in your new group will ring, wherever they are.
Problem is, Group 1 isn't listed in the drop down menu

Even if I don,t set the divert on the main account I can,t find Group 1 in the menu.

I know this may not work the way I'm hoping but without Group 1 listed I have no way of testing it.

Any ideas please


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