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I've recently subscribed to the virtual pbx and have purchased some Snom 300 phones. If I want to set a divert always to voicemail on the Snom phone what number do I divert to? I tried entering 1571 but this just puts the caller into my voicemail box rather than prompting them to leave a message.



Thanks for the response. How do I do this on the Snom?

If I wanted the full range of divert options (always, busy, timeout), which the Snom seems to support, is there a number I can divert to which puts callers to voicemail (for leaving a message) rather than voicemail (to manage my mailbox)?

I don't have a Snom 300, but on the 190 and 320, if you press the "Menu" key, DND is one of the menu options. You may need to cycle through the menu options using the <- and -> keys. Read the Snom manual if you need more help.

There isn't (yet) a divert number for leaving voicemail in Voipfone. It's been requested a few times, so I'm sure it's on their development wish-list.

Thanks for this.

There is no "Menu" key on the 300 and I'd cycled through everything on the scroll key on the phone before posting. However, your reply led me to find this in the bowels of the online manual: ... _on.2Foff:

DND Mode on/off You may have mapped the DND functionality (F_DND) to one of the programmable keys. DND is short for 'Do Not Disturb'. If this mode is activated, incoming calls will no longer come through to the phone and you will be completely undisturbed by the phone, except for VIP calls. If there is a mailbox set up for you, the call may be redirected to it from the involved SIP Proxy/Registrar. When DND is activated, 'DND' is displayed in the lower line of the idle screen.

Please keep in mind that the contact type 'VIP' overrides the DND mode, i.e., a call from a number you have defined as contact type 'VIP' will be put through to your phone even when DND is active.

I replaced my F_MUTE function key with F_DND and this now works as you suggested.

I wish manufacturers wrote manuals from the perspective of "How can I do this?" rather than "This is the functionality we provide."

Thanks again for your input - it really did point me in the right direction.


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