Setting delay before divert (Snom, Linksys & Sipura)

Lots of people are asking if they can set a delay before calls are diverted to another phone. As it's such a popular request we'll be adding this feature to our system, but meanwhile if you have a Snom it can be done like this:

Go to the config page of your phone by pressing the ? button on the snom and then the button under the phone's display directly under 'IPAdr' - this will show your phone's IP address. (If you have a snom 300, Press the down key, the up key and then the tick key) Type the IP address into your PC's browser and you're into the phone's web page.

Under Preferences, Redirection, Set Timeout - enter the number of seconds you'd like your phone to ring before diverting.
Then add number to divert to. (If the number diverted to is a voipfone number it's a free call).

If you have a linksys / sipura phone adaptor you can do it like this:

Pick up a connected phone and dial **** 110 #. Note down the IP address given. Type the IP address into your PC's browser and you're into the adaptors's web page.

On either User 1 or User 2 (depends which line your using!) Enter a number in Cfwd No Ans Dest: and a timeout in Cfwd No Ans Delay: and its done. So calls after the amount of seconds you enter will go to the number you entered.

Other phones and adapters allow this too - if you know the config, please add it below.

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I just thought I'd add that this "Delay before divert" is a good technique to implement the new "IVR" option if no-one answers the phones after a certain duration.

This way we still get first shot at answering calls as "Real People", but if we're all on the phone the IVR function can pick up the call and ask the caller which person or department they wish to be connected to.

This is absolutely ideal for us.... Great stuff!


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