Calls cutting off - ACK Timeout?

I have been making and recieving calls using SJsoftphone and after a while they have dropped and I can't hear anything. The person the other end appears to think the line is still there and when I redial I get engaged/diverted to voicemail.

Occasionally but not every time I have had an error message "ACK Timeout"

Anyone any suggestions as it is embarrassing with clients! :oops:


Yes and I have a checked box Proxy is strict outbound (Surely it doesn't need to be so strict as to stop me talking!) and of course 5060

have you tried registering your phone without the nat proxy ? if it registers and works ok without it then you dont need to use it this may solve your problem if not please email support so that we can look at your specific account

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I have removed it from the profile and dialed 155, another voipfone number and called myself. (A trick I learnt from MrMan, thanks)

I'll have to have another longer call to be sure but can you say why the Nat proxy makes a difference ?


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