I have been trying out the UT Starcom F3000 phone. It worked straight out of the box, but then you would expect that when you buy it from Voipfone!

Navigating the menus took a little to get used to but having found that there is a web interface (which the manual doesn't mention) was a great help.

It looks, feels and operates just like a mobile phone with nice colour screen and funky tunes.

Battery like is OK but doesn't seem as good as your average mobile. The only issue so far has been that you need a good wifi signal otherwise the call cuts out so I can't use it too far from the wifi access point unlike using a laptop for instance which just becomes slow.

Getting texts to send and receive so far has not worked but still early days. I have not had a chance to try out more of the functionality yet.

Overall I'm quite impressed and think it has lots of potential.

Hope this helps.

How far can you go from the access point before the call cuts out?

And is that distance in "open space" or is there anything physical between you and the access point?

About 6m but this is not open space. I am going to try it out when I'm next in my other office but that might not be for a few weeks but that office has a more powerful wifi router. So I guess there are a number of factors that impact this!

I have had a UT Starcom F3000 for a few days now and I am happy with it.

The range is ok for home use, I have an old Belkin F5D7230-4 router that is stuck with my AV equipment. I know it's not best place but it's out the way and I can get a clear reception in any part of my house.

The reception will cut out after about 8 meters (venturing outside) from the router and that includes an outer wall.

I am sure with a stronger router and better positioning then the reception range would be better.

As for the phone I would recommend it. It's no Sony mobile but it has plenty of features and, most importantly, the sound quality is good. Good enough to get the wife's approval.

Thanks for the feedback guys. 8m range definitely isn't going to hack it for me - I need about 25m as our office space is about 50m across.

I'd assume that you'd get less range with the phone than with a wi-fi enabled laptop. What sort of range do you get with a laptop, for comparison?

I can then see what we get in our space, and make a judgement call as to whether we'd get a usable range with the phone (possibly with the addition of a high-gain omni-directional antenna).

You may be interested to know that we will soon be launching the siemens ip460 this may be a better alternative although i would need to check the range of this device

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UTStarcom F3000

Hi All

I bought the F3000 from Voipfone a month or so ago.

One day, this technology will be great, but it is pretty bleeding edge right now ...... you should not rely on this kind of phone.

At home it tends to work OK and is reasonably stable. Out and about is another matter. There have been many times when my MacBook will easily connect to open APs, or APs for which I have the password, but the phone just will not (no logs, no debug).

The other big problem I have is that the phone crashes a lot if you leave it switched on, on the charger.

UTStracom have a user forum but last I tried it refused to send the registration email.

Voipfone who sold it to me appear unable to support it effectively, several times I had to reply to their replies saying "Please read the email, I am not asking you questions about the SPA 3000!!!".

I have my home/office PTSN setup to forward unanswered calls to the WIFI phone, on the occasion when it is able to connect to the network where I am, you do get a wonderful glimpse of how good this tech will be when the hardware/software become a bit more reliable.

Hi Jerm You may find that the UtStarcom F3000 and the F1000G suffer the same problem of loosing registration or locking up when charged.

I have a F1000 which now seems quite reliable and it works well. The F1000G however registers quicker on open APs, but can readily loose registration for no apparent reason showing no AP. The trouble with this causes the phone to scan to find APs even though one is there, and this discharges the battery quite quickly. The phone is supposed to go into a 'sleep' mode if no AP is found after a while, but I suspect the F3000 and F1000G (which I believe share some similarity if not the same) radio block isnt doing this.

By the way, UTStarcom are bringing out a GSM/WiFi device later this year.They have postponed the launch from August due to issues, but by all accounts the existing prototypes in use are no worse than the competitors that are being sold as comercial products.

Not too many open APs in the UK put on the continent, particularly Belgium, open APs all over.

Any commenst on the Nokia E60 anyone.


The E60 (and bigger brother E61) do work on other VOIP providers, according to postings on other forums, though no ones posted any evidence appart from using it via asterix. There is a problem of the E60 phone not reregistering if it looses registration.


I've used the Nokia E60 with Voipfone, works OKish.

But overrall I didn't find the E60 VOIP functionality very reliable frankly. It's cool to have VOIP on your mobile, but the way the E60 SIP client is setup, it makes it A REAL PAIN to use it on more than one WiFi network. So if you're only going to use it in one location, maybe give it a go. But if you think you're going to be able to roam from one internet cafe to the next and use it, I'd say forget it.

Then again, if you're only going to use it in one location, you're probably better off with an ATA such as the Linksys SPA-3102 connected to a DECT phone.


PS - Contrary to what was said above, the E60 does not do Skype (except through one of the 3rd party cumbersome call-back intermediaries)

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