SNOM 300: Address Book Setup

I have a standalone SNOM 300 (i.e. no Asterisk in the background). I want
to set up an entry in the address book to dial a number, pause until that
number replies, then dial a second number.

Can I do this in SNOM?

I have tried separating the two numbers in the address book entry with
commas (just like we used to with modems!), but that doesn't work. Also,
SNOM says FORBIDDEN if the address book entry is too long.

Any ideas?


I'm not sure how you'd do this.

The address book will give you the first number to dial. The problem for the second number is that the call has already been answered.

The first number is sent as a SIP session initiation sequence.

The second number needs to be send as DTMF over the RTP media stream. The call has already been set up at this point.

Using firmware 6.x (as in the Snom 300) you can set a function key as a DTMF sequence ... this would mean that you could dial from the address book, and then press a function key to dial the second sequence.

Hope this helps ...

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