Cisco 7970G Firmwire Issues/General Problems

Hello there.

I know this has probably been covered a million times but I feel like searching anywhere - forums, google, (worst site ever made) etc is just not bringing the results I need.

I bought a 7970G and as standard comes with (I think) the SCCP firmware. I wish to flash the phone with the SIP firmware.

My main problem is finding the firmware. Does anyone have a link or would kindly send me the firmware?

In addition a guide to flashing the firmware would be great - Can it be done from a web-based interface? or do I need to install Cisco CallManager (however the hell I do that).

I have a small problem although I think its pointless talking about it untill I flash the firmware because that may remove this message but when the phone is first powered up it says Configuring IP at the bottom then eventually gets bored and says CTL update failed. I've tried connecting it directly to my modem but I get this message whether its connected to the router or the modem.

Thanks again ;-) I understand how frustrating it is when morons keep asking the same questions over and over... I apologise.


I got an email today that had an attachement and while I waited for it to come through I was deleting spam messages. Unfortunately I deleted an email with an attachement so there's a chance somebody kindly emailed me it and its just disappeared :(

If it was someone on here could it please be resent.


Thank you sir ;-)

You've made my day.

I could have killed myself when I realised I deleted that email. I just tried to pretend it was probably a virus.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it.


I've managed to get a step further but I'm having issues with the config files.

Nothing is really available for the 7970G.

Im considering a smartnet agreement but can someone please post up the config files?

I'm going to make a guide once im done and link to the files because this is driving me crazy. it should be easier than this.


A lot of people would appreciate it.

One day you'll get them from Dixons - but where's the fun in that?

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Yeah you're right.

I always like something like this because you can learn more about technology. I'd never really heard of TFTP untill now. I thought it was a typo and they'd meant ftp.

Do you know if with the SmartNet agreement I'd get access to the config files?


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