No incoming calls with IX68

I'm trying to set up a new voip system using an intertex IX68 router, using an elmeg 290 phone. Outgoing calls seem to work fine (with audio in both directions). But incoming calls seem to get diverted to voicemail (after a few seconds silence).

I can't work out whether this is to do with my configuration of the IX68 router (it just has sip pass-through enabled but nothing else configured, and I'm not using either of the FXS ports) or to do with the way I've set up the virtual PBX with voipfone, but I suspect the former.

Can anyone help me identify where the problem might be? Has anyone used the new IX68 with voipfone? What are the commonest reasons for incoming calls to fail, when there is no problem with outgoing ones?



Not sure if its any help but I have the IX66 working perfectly with voipfone.

First thing to check, make sure no outbound proxy or nat settings are entered in to the phone.

Also (if its similar to the IX66) under sip advanced from main menu, go down to advanced

(tick)Spoof protection
Allow multiple RTP media senders
(tick)Disable URL encryption
RFC 3261 Loose routing
(tick)Disable username encoding (registrations)

hopefully this should sort the problem out.

I would be interested to know how you get on as I am saving hard for an IX68!!!!

Also the forums on are very helpfull and have a lot of experienced users who should be able to help.


Thanks for the pointer. I've just checked Intertex's recommendations for the SNOM 190 and I see they say the advanced setting: 'Filter packets from registrar' should be off. Mine was on. I changed it and wow! The phone rings! A very quick experiment suggests that this was the source of the problem. (The phone came set up that way from voipfone).

Although I have been poking around with the IX68 settings I suspect it would have worked out of the box if I had modified this phone setting first. I should also add that I never had a fully working system beforehand - my old draytek router was not sip-friendly.

I couldn't find a supplier in the UK for the IX68, by the way. Had to order it direct from in Sweden. It came in a few days, though, set up for the UK. The documentation (in English, at least) is still thin but it seems to be working fine so far.

Thanks again,


We're hoping to have the 68 in stock ourselves soon - in fact I have my eye on it myself :-)

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