Elmeg 290 - 2nd caller beeps in ear

Morning all,

Im sure i have seen this option when was setting up phone, but for the life of me can't find it.

We are using the Virtual PBX, and at times can get more than 1 call at the same time (naturally). At present extra calls create an annoying regular beep in the ear, which can be quite off-putting when speaking to someone.

Is there anywhere in this phone to turn this off (we have LEDs to see extra calls) or just beep once?


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Hi Martin.

Depends what phone you're using. If it's a Snom, you need to change the Call Waiting setting from "on" to "visual" - this then gives only a visual indication on the phone itself.

You can also set it to "off", in which case any incoming calls while you're busy will get diverted to voicemail immediately.

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