Problems with 0845 Number

I am a new user . I have an 0845 number which I have diverted to my PTSN number in Italy.

With much excitement I have handed out my new UK number to a couple of clients. One has e-mailed to tell me that "I have tried to call you on that number but it does not work. It says number not in use".

The other yesterday did get the call transfered through to me okay but about 15 minutes into the conversation there was a beep and the line went dead. There is plenty of funds in my account to pay for the onward call forwarding.

Can any one advise what the problems may be ? I am anxious to get this service runing reliable.

Can you please email support from your registered email address and we'll look at it for you. Please also tell us the number you are trying to divert to. (Don't publish it here ;-)

Voipfone Customer Services

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Registered number: 05168033
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Telephone: 020 7043 5555
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Please ignore my orginal post. It was my fault. I reversed a couple of digits and gave them the wrong number ... thick I know.

Thanks for the amazingly prompt follow up and for checking out my other worries. Excellent service.

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