SPA841 with Asterisk@home (Trixbox)


I try some test using Trixbox v 1.1.1 (At the moment just localy)

I have setup 2* softphone and 1* SPA841
The 2 softphone seems to work fine

The SPA841 can make phone call, BUT can't receive any phone calls at all
If a softphne call the spa841-> Answering machine immediatly

- Is there anybody who can see what is wrong ??

Thanks for your help


My SPA setup is :
Static IP : (SPA841)
Gateway : (Trixbox)
Netmask :

Proxy + Reg
Proxy :
outbound proxy :
Register : yes
Register Expires: 60
Use outbound proxy : No
Use OB proxy : No
Ans CAll without registration : Yes
Proxy redundancy Method : Normal

Subscriber Information
Display Name : xxxxx
Password : ttt
AuthID : 200
UserID : 200
Use AuthID : yes

My FreePBX
Sip Extension : 200

Device Option
dtmfmode : rfc2833
canreinvite : no
context : from-internal
host : dynamic
type : friend
nat : never
Port : 5060
Qualify : No


In general settings, make sure you have the option "Security Settings - Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls?" set to YES!

If you mouce over you'll see this:

Setting this to 'yes' will potentially allow ANYBODY to call into your Asterisk server using the SIP protocol

It should only be used if you fully understand the impact of allowing anonymous calls into your server - Forum for discussion of all things VoIP related

Hi Matt.

Thanks for your reply...
I just check the option and seems to be OK

FreBPX -> General settings -> Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls? : YES

But I still have the problem.. :-(

- Do you know if there is a way to see a kind of logfile somewhere (which could help) ?

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