Making the Connection between VoIP Phone & PC pop-up


Okay, I know it's going to be complicated and probably way over my head, but how the h*ck do I connect the incoming calls to some sort of pop-up on screen? Bearing in mind that I use a Mac (unix based) - but have access to a PC with Windows XP if absolutely necessary! :roll:

I can write basic PHP and connect to MySQL databases, I design websites, and deal with the web server, etc. There must be some way I can get information about a client loading from a MySQL database to pop up their info.

I use a Grandstream 2000 with four lines, each line is set up to answer calls for 4 different clients. The Granstream is plugged directly into my DSL modem/router.

All are voipfone numbers. At the moment the client's numbers are run from my own account - but I will eventually open accounts for each one. So I have Line 1 set up to receive calls from my client's 0207 voipfone number, Line 2 from a client with an 01283 voipfone number, etc. All works great... fantastic in fact. .

I need to know what I'm doing when these lines are called.

So, when Line 1 starts ringing it pops up info on my screen (preferably via browser - Firefox, IE) for that client, when Line 2 rings... etc etc.

I can set up a MySql database on my webserver to keep this information if that's possible. As I would like my clients to also be able to access this information from an interface I will build, keeping this info on a webserver is the best solution for me, and I do not run a server from my home office, so this information will be drawn from the online database - is that possible?

As voipfone don't yet have DID, I think it will have to run depending on what line on the Grandstream phone rings. :?

I just don't know how to get this working. I've set up Sugar CRM on my webserver, but that hasn't really helped matters along.

Hope there's some brainiac wizard out there who could take a moment to let me know if this is possible or not.



I've been scratching my head on this one for a while too.

The searches I've done seem to suggest that where this type of functionality is available, it's via very close integration between proprietary PABX vendors and big-ticket CRM systems. Avaya/Siebel. Nortel/Oracle. You get the picture.

Of course, with SIP this needn't be the case. An ideal, maximally portable solution would be to have a local application that "sniffs" the local SIP traffic for your local SIP phones. When it spots that a line is ringing, it would then run a search program to find potential matches (based on CLI data) and when one is selected, run a program to make the CRM system bring the correct record up. These "search" and "selection" routines would then be the only bit that needs to be specific to the CRM system.

Neither I nor my company have the time to write such a thing ... but it seems to have such potential that I'm amazed that no-one else has. Not even a sniff of a relevant open source attempt on Sourceforge.

Re: Making the Connection between VoIP Phone & PC pop-up

I got round the entire problem by using the Action URLs on our Snom phones. When on of our snom phone rings it lets our server know via a simple web url, we've then linked that URL to our CRM system to give an onscreen notification to the user.

Using action URLs we're able to track incoming, outgoing and missed calls. We could also expand this to see if someone is currently on a call or on do not disturb.

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