Memory problem with x-lite

Hi - I noticed after installing x-lite that after connecting to the network to answer/make calls, or listen to voicemail, when typing within Outlook afterwards there was a lag between my typing and the characters appearing (I'm a fast typist!). I installed x-lite 3 to see if that cured the problem but sadly it is the same. If I exit from the application and then start it again immediately afterwards the problem has gone - until I next access the network.

This feels like a memory release issue - has anybody else come across this - or have any suggestions?

For the record my setup is:

AMD Athlon 64 / 3500 (2.25ghz)
2Gb of Ram

Zone Alarm pro

Phone: USB VOIP with x-TenMate used to work with x-lite.

Thanks for your help :-)


Have you checked your virtual memory settings?

Also try doing a system cleanup followed by disk defrag!

If that fails to resolve your issue disable zone alarm pro and see if that helps as I know a few people who have had problems with zone alarm and some applications!
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It is prob not the virtual memory settings causing your problems but it's worth checking!

Your virtual memory shoul be 2.5x your ram or 3x your ram!
(Some say 2.5 others say 3)

So if you have 256mb ram then your virtual memory should be 768mb if you want to times it by 3

Worth doing a defrag and reboot to!
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