Charges and ringing sound.

Sorry for such a basic two questions but I am not signed up yet as there is a lot to digest.

The pricing info does not seem to be very clear on the web site or even the FAQ or perhaps my specs just need cleaning!

Whats the pricing difference between the Domestic and the Commercial Viop tariffs ?

Do they include or exclude VAT?

Assuming you have a speaker on your PC does this "ring" with an incoming call?

If you use headphones for telephone listening are the speakers always in parallel so that you have to keep turning the speaker up/down when you take off the headphones?

Sorry again for simple questions!

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Hi Agile,

If you check the price for calls to a particular country you will see that prices do include VAT.

As for your other question, if you use a softphone like x-lite or sjphone then the ring is generated by the softphone playing a wav file, this will be played through your speakers (if turned on) and/or your headphones. So if you use just headphones then you need to turn down your speakers. If however you wanted to use a USB handset then you wouldn't need to turn your speakers down if you set your softphone to USB device.

as pcdoc says......also there is no difference between our domestic (residential) and commercial (business) call prices.

I never understood why there should be and suspect it had something to do with being more able to rip-off one category of customer than another.

A call is a call is a call.
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Thats nice to know and how it should be.

You should make it clearer on the web site though. Having a different button to select makes it look as if its different.

Its also good to have co input at 2300 on a Sunday evening, clearly run by anoracks! But thats good too!

Your not the only one, I got back at 2140 this evening after mending a gas boiler for a barrister who would have lost thousands if she had to take off a weekday. Hope she drives carefully to the Court on her motorbike!



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