Managing phones on remote site

Can you help me please?

I'd like to manage phone at a remote site. Ideally I'd like to be able to check the connectivity, change the settings etc of a phone that is at a remote site - that is, have access to the web interface that controls the phone.

What do I need to do or know?


If the phones at the other site are behind a NAT firewall (as is likely), then the initial problem is that you have no way of getting to their internal IP address. NAT hides all local IP addresses behind a single public IP address.

You can set up "port forwarding" on most NAT firewall/routers. If you only have a small number of phones at the remote site, you could set up ports that redirect to the web browser of each phone - say port 8000 goes to port 80 on the first phone, port 8001 forwards to port 80 on the second phone, and so on. But you'd also need to make sure that you enabled good passwords on each phone, as otherwise anyone could get in and change the settings!

A better solution is possible if you have a Windows Server box onsite. You could enable Windows Terminal Services, configure the firewall/router to forward Terminal Services requests to that box, and then you could use Remote Desktop to connect to that server. Then as you're "inside" the network, you can use IE on the server to connect to any phone. This way, you only have security on the one device to worry about.

Blimey, that sounds a bit complicated. I'm sure you're right, and thank you for replying, with my level of skills I'm more likely to mess things up by opening up ports on the firewall.

I'm sure someone else will spot this reply and have a crack at it, but in the meantime I'll rely on telephone-Golden-Shot "can you see that button on the left, move your mouse up there and click it"!!

Thanks for the reply

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