Snom 360 - she no work anymore

I changed domain as instructed on Sunday to and all worked fine until Tuesday morning. I have 2 vopifone lines which I access through a PAP2 and a snom 360. Since neither phone worked I assumed this was a voipfone problem and went back to using BT.
This morning I checked the forums and couldn't see the usual raft of complaints about voipfone, so realised the problem was problem with my set up.
This morning I've managed to get both voipfone lines working on the PAP2 by altering the sip port to 5063. (Should separate lines have different sip ports, will I get crossed lines on simultaneous calls ?)
After this success, I tried altering the SIP ports on my Snom 360, but that remains resolutely out of service for voipfone. I know the snom 360 is working as it works happily on 2 sipgate accounts. Any bright ideas ? I did try to find out what firmware the snom is using but the relevant field on the advanced tab of setup page is blank, so I have no idea what it is using.
Adam Beales

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