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I have just got a new contract mobile, the only problem being the cost of sending SMS text messages to interntional numbers (25p per text). Not only this, but international texts are excluded from the free allowance on call plans.

I had planned to use vgsmail - a small Java applet which will send an SMS over the internet to an international number for about 4p on a vgsmail account + a small GPRS cost. On the 3 network however, it does not work as 3 do not allow general internet access to the internet for this to work. Great :(

I found another service like this which provides a UK mobile number which can be texted to within my 3 package text allowance ( which would cost an additional 4-6p for an international text.

Is there any chance of Voipfone setting up such a relay service so that instead of having my VOIP account and then a separate SMS account with, I can handle all my neeed with Voipfone?



We can obviously do it from Voipfone....

...but do you meant direct from your mobile?

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Yes, from mobile

Hi, Yes, sorry, I mean from the mobile.

Check out vgsmail which has a JAVA applet which sends messages to an internet server account via WAP or GPRS which then forwards the text internationally.

Another one I have see gives you a UK virtual mobile number which you text to with an alias programmed in and this then forwards the text internationally - the beauty of this being that the text to the UK virtual number is included in many mobile contract deals.

VOIPfone has a virtual mobile number for SMS, so I was wondering if it would be possible to extend this to be a relay service for international texting from a mobile in one of the ways as described above?



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