Polycom 601 Problems - NAT and One way audio

Hello all,

I have a Polycom 601 which is a fantastic IP phone and I would dearly love to use it with voipfone but I have run into a load of problems. It has (in its basic configuration) six lines to which you can assign six different VOIP accounts. On there at the moment are lines from Gossiptel (although I think as a company they are in trouble at the moment as nobody replies from support or customer service), Sipgate, and others. I took two accounts off and added accounts from Voipfone and inbound calls route correctly and I get pretty good quality, fairly low latency audio in both directions. I am using the excellent PBX capability to use call groups.

The problem is that outbound calls have one way audio. The calling party (calling inbound through a PSTN number >> Voipfone >> VOIP Account >> IX66 Router >> Polycom 601) can hear me but I cannot hear them.

Im pretty sure that this is a NAT problem (this almost always is with SIP) but I have a very compliant router in the Intertex IX66 and all the other accounts have no problems so it must be something that is unique to the voipfone network. I would normally fix this problem by using an outbound proxy, but the Polycom wont allow you to set this on a per line basis (it seems - if anyone knows that this can be done please let me know!).

So in a rather long winded way I need to know if there are any settings I could try to make the Polycom work without using an outbound proxy or if the Polycom supports per line proxy use?

Any help that anyone could give me would be very welcome - it would be a shame if voipfone did not support the Polycom as in the corporate arena they are widely used.



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