How do I set up my Virtual PBX?

We've made it extremely easy to set up and use. It's all managed by you on our web site through one account.

Firstly decide how many extensions you need; don't worry about getting it wrong - if you take too few you just add more, if you find you have too many you remove them. We don't lock you into a contract - the most a mistake can cost you is 99p! You can have any number of extensions but you need, up to 800 on one account.

Once you've decided, go to the Package Builder in 'Services'

Fill in the Virtual PBX box with the number of extensions you want and press the 'build my package button'. This takes you to the payments page. Once you've completed the details and pressed the 'Make Payment' button you're ready to set-up the extensions.

Go to the virtual PBX page in 'Your account'

Your virtual extension numbers start at 200 and each needs to be assigned a name, an email address (nb this address is where the extension holder's Voice to Email Voicemail will be directed) and a password. The password needs to be a 6 digit number so that it can be dialled from a telephone (you need to do this when picking up your voicemail from a non Voipfone telephone for example).

Once you have done this, you decide how each extension will work with incoming calls. You'll see that an incoming call can either ring all extensions or just one. So if you want a single individual to answer the phone say, your receptionist, choose that option; otherwise choose 'ring all'.

[note, you can remove an individual extension from the ring group by un-ticking the 'group' box next to the extension you do not wish to ring when the others do.]

If you want individual extensions to receive incoming calls directly to their extension, you just add another incoming telephone number to your account from the Package Builder by pressing the 'add more phone numbers' button and mapping it to the extension.

How do I set up my telephones with the correct extension number?

Each of your telephones now needs to be set up to recognise their own extension number. As a general principle, each one will have the same account number (or user name) as the main account which will be in the 300xxxxx range. (This number was sent to you by email when you registered.) Each extension then uses that number, plus its own, separated by an asterisk.

So extension number 200's username will look something like this. 300xxxxx*200. You need to put this new account number into the configuration of the telephone or adapter.

For our Softphone, either run the wizard and input the username in the above format, or open the softphone, press F8 and put the new account numbers in the username and authorization user boxes.

If you're using SIP phones or adapters (ATAs) please see the specific set up instructions here:

but remember to use the new username with extension number, not just the main account number.

Note: if you bought hardware from us specifically for use with your PBX this set-up step may be omitted as we will have configured the phones automatically for you.

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