Voipfone, 15 grandstream 2000, Firebrick 105


Can anyone help?

I have 15 Grandstream GXP2000 phones conncted to a POE switch with a firebrick 105 and have issues with incoming calls. about 1 in 10 calls will get through to the extension (with 05600 DDI) the rest end up with a dead tone on the callers side, then the extension recieves a voicemail... Wierd.....

I have ports 5004-5060 UDP/TCP open to any lan device. Do I need to open any other ports to get this working?

Also, I tested a phone at home and when a message came in the MWI would come on. Yet in the office I get no MWI.. Do I need to open any ports for this too ?

Any help would be much appreciated as I have some very frustrated customers and staff in the office..

Many Thanks


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