Caller ID with PSTN and VOIP

Help required please.

I would very much like to be able to use a single phone for both VOIP and PSTN calls
and obtain Caller ID information from both..

So far none of the devices I've looked at appear to support Caller ID pass though
from a BT PSTN line. Several suggest that they will work with Bellcore or similar Caller ID
systems but make no mention of BT's.

I therefore wondered if anyone had managed to achieve this seemingly simple task
or had found a device (Router / ATA / or VOIP phone) that will that pass though the
Caller ID info from a PSTN line.

From what I have gleaned, and I may be completely wrong, the problem seems to stem
from the fact that most devices use a relay to switch to the PSTN line when a
ring tone is received. Unfortunately, BT's Caller ID signal seems to be sent before
the first ring.

Many thanks

Again it seems to be too difficult for anyone to have a reply!

Over 9 years ago I remember that getting a call from the MOD the actual extension number was briefly displayed on the caller ID but within a second it reverted to the switchboard number.

I would therefore guess that a second number was sent during the onset of ringing signal.

Surely there are competent telephone systems people who know the answers to all these questions?


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