Multiple numbers, diverts and a few other Q's!

I will soon want to buy several geographical numbers, to be in the location of designers i have wherever they are in the UK.

The likelyhood is that i will need to divert each number to either the designers own landline, or mobile.

Can i do a different divert number for each number i buy, e.g. Designer 1 has Number 1, and Diverts to landline 1, Designer 2 has Number 2 and diverts to landline 2 ec etc.????

Next question - will i be able to see all incoming calls from each individual number?

How could i manage each number so that designers can make outgoing calls from their given geographical number?

Hopefully i've explained what i'm trying to do well enough!


Mark Hanner

Yes all that is perfectly possible.

You do it using the Virtual PBX. Buy the same number of extensions as you need telephone numbers (99p per month each inc VAT) and atatch the telephone number to each extension.

Every extension then has all the features of a full account - voicemail, voicemail to email, music on holde etc etc and can make and receive calls independently.

Each extension can set their own divert to any ordinary telephone or mobile

All calls between the extensions are free

You manage the master account and have call records for all extensions - made, received missed.

You can attach a virtual fax number to each if you wish too

You'll find a description of the Virtual PBX in the user manual here:

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