Elmeg290/Snom190 constantly NR'ing. Are you affected?

How many other people are experiencing the Elmeg 290 and Snom 190 phones unregistering (NR on display) constantly throughout the day?

We have both these phone models in two locations using different broadband providers, and all NR throughout the day.

Voipfone have:

- confirmed that there is nothing wrong with our network (v. fast roundtrip times, no packet loss)
- configured our phones themselves
- configured our ADSL routers themselves (same at both locations)
- admitted there is a problem with the firmware in these phones

Strangely, Voipfone are still selling these phones, even though they know there is a problem with them. They're also very reluctant to exchange our phones for ones that do work.

We are just wondering how widespread this problem is?


Yes, we did at first. However I set the Proposed Expiry to 8 Hours (found in your line, then SIP section) and that seems to have cured it.

Not totally sure what the Proposed Expiry does, but i put it down to when the system resends username/password details.

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