Call drops on transfer?

Is anyone else getting the occasional dropped call when transferring an inbound call to another VirtualPBX extension?

We seem to be getting one just about every other day. It may be a local network config issue (ours is, frankly, pants at the moment, but we will be addressing this in due course), but I thought I'd ask in case it's been seen elsewhere.

We're using Snoms. The incoming call is answered by the receptionist. After talking to the caller, she puts them on hold while she calls the destination extension. After talking to them, she hangs up the Snom to transfer the call. In 99% of cases, all is well, but in 1% the call gets dropped instead of connected.

how are you doing the transfer ? are you using the attended transfer feature on the snom ?

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Yep - in other words:
- press "hold" to put the caller on hold
- you get a new dialtone. Call the destination extension
- talk to the destination extension
- hangup to put the call through

Works fine in 99% of cases. In the others, the caller is dropped somewhere between being put on hold and transferring the call.

Are you still getting transfer drops?

It's been doing that to me during attended transfer calls.

- Call comes in on Line 2 (ext 200)

- The Caller gets music when I press TRNF,

- I press another line (ie line 1), then dial a number to speak to my 'boss' first (usually this is on speed dial 1 of my Grandstream GXP2000 - and is ext 201 on the same account as the original dialled call). Although Line 1 is set to a different account.

- I speak to my 'boss', then I press TRNF again and the line with the original caller (Line 2).

I think at the point of me pressing TRNF for the second time, the Music goes and the Caller gets silence, as if they've been cut off. The person to whom I was transferring the call to get music. And I'm left with the Line 1 lit up and no one there. And the I can't use the line until I reboot the phone.

Also, If I take the phone off the hook for about 20 seconds while Line 1 is still lit up after the failed transfer, '501' pops up onto the LED screen of the Grandstream!

It was doing this more frequently over the last couple of weeks, so I updated the phone to the latest official firmware. Since doing so, I've not been able to do any attended transfer calls!!! Could it be a setting I haven't changed.

I'm using and DTFM is set to rfc2833, if that has anything to do with it.

Can anyone out there help - am I doing something stupid!?



I have had the same issue on Eyebeam, except my issue is about 20-30% of calls having an issue.

Usually if the person is there, the call transfers OK, however if voicemail, big issue!

Using the attended transfer on eyebeam.

VoIPfone.... do you think this could be the NAT issue again?
If you got any questions I'll be happy to help. Just don't ask me about VoIP, i know so little about that i'd bore you trying to talk about it, but we all have to learn sometime!

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