Calling Polish Mobiles - really odd fault!

Just to let you know...I have experienced a rather bizarre fault calling a mobile phone in Poland just now. Instead of the call connecting I receive a message in Polish from Plus GSM (one of the mobile networks in Poland) telling me that all prepaid credit on the sim card has run out! I suspect the routing provider is routing the calls via a GSM gateway and they are using prepaid sim cards or something. I let a Polish friend hear it and they confirmed this is exactly the message you receive when you try to make a call from a Plus GSM prepay phone without any credit.

Perhaps it would be possible to route the calls via an alternate route or maybe ask the end person to pop down to the shops and buy a topup card :lol:

Can you mail support with the specific number you are dialing and we can change the routes on this destination

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Thanks very much for the lightning fast response! I've emailed the exact number I was calling just now.

One of my Polish friends tells me there are some special deals Plus GSM do that allow really cheap calling to mobiles so I suspect this is why the guys at the Polish end have set the system up like this. Perhaps there was just a long queue in the shop for scratch cards tonight :wink:

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