Skype and SIP

Does any one know of a Hardware solution desktop phone (not a PABX) that will log into Skype and Voipfone and allow to receive and make calls via either. Having a PSTN connection aswell would be even better. I have a number of clients who use SIP and a number who use Skype and would like to be able to make use of the free calls when calling me, (as would I). PSTN is for those clients who haven't go the message yet about dialiing an 0560 number!!!!!

Although I have the option of a third phone on my desk (one for SIP, One for PSTN and One for Skype) its not great and using a Mic/Earpiece and convert one to a softphone isn't that appealing either.



I'm not aware of any Skype hardphone. It uses proprietary peer-to-peer software which isn't likely to appear in a stand-alone phone.

I would try to convince your Skype-using friends to move to SIP.

Skyp and SIP

Convince them to move to SIP? Tried that there reply was no you move to Skype. I'll have to let them work out the pitfalls of Skype and see if they then move over to SIP :-)

Thanks for the links but they are all dedicated Skype hardware rather than a mix, I have had a chance to think on it a bit more I think the only way out is to get a Dualphone and a SIP ATA then plug the out put of the ATA into the PSTN connection of the DualPhone, this will then give me SIP and Skype on a single phone and then have a separate phone for PSTN.

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