snom hs-mm2

Hi just set up xlite on computer and bought snom hs-mm2. cant get it to work!! now im prob being stupid. Also along with headset was given 'switching ac adaptor' got no idea what thats for. i thought the headset simply plugged in to the phone socket plug on laptop

please help!!!!!


You've bought the Snom headset on the assumption that it can be used with a PC softphone like X-Lite.

It can't - it's a headset for use with Snom phones. If you email I'm sure they'll let you send it back for a refund.

I'd suggest you buy a USB headset. This has all the audio hardware in a "pod" on the USB cable, and so it's not dependent on the quality of your PC audio card. This almost always gets much better results!

Good ones to try are the Plantronics Audio 45 USB headset (£22.50 + delivery on Amazon) or the Plantronics DSP-400 USB headset which folds up for easy transport and storage (£40 + delivery on Amazon). We've used both to good effect in the past.

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