Grandstream HT-486 safety concerns!

Hi all,

Had a worrying experience with my Handytone 486 today.

Picked up my handset (DECT) - and instead of a dialling tone, a piercing high pitched noise was there.

Went to reset the HT-486 - which is in another room. The HT-486 ATA itself was actually making a quietish, but weird high pitched noise :o . More worrying was how hot it had got.. (VERY).. and the strong smell of electronic components burning!

I unplugged it and let the thing cool down... it now seems to be working fine again - though I'm a little worred about potential fire risks with the device after that.

I'd had a phone call about an hour before this.. the caller appeared to hang up fairly quickly before the DECT answerphone had cut in. They tried again in a minute and this time voipfone pstn failover diverted it to my mobile.

I'm not a hardware person.. but I've heard something about the line voltage being raised to signal a phone to ring. Made me wonder if there's a firmware fault along the lines of: -

-> SIP message received by ht-486 to initiate phone call.
-> Ht-486 raises line level to make phone ring.
-> For some reason... it stays in this state.. getting hotter and hotter - then sets itself on fire!?? :twisted:

Be interested to know if anybody else has experienced it, or has any ideas about it.


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