SPA-3000 dial plan

I'd like to set up my dial plan to dial 999 via the pstn, rather than via IP, using my SPA-3000.

I'm testing this with 121, which is the local phone company's number for voicemail retreival, but the principle will be the same for 999.

I've set up dialling out via pstn with

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This works fine, I dial #9, get a second dial tone (a bit weird sounding but that's configureable) and can then dial pstn numbers like 121.

But I've then tried

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to route 121 via the pstn (it was a dialplan I found online). It doesn't work, just gives me the second dialtone. In other words, it doesn't pass the dialled number on to the gateway (perhaps because there is no pause?).

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Does nobody route their SPA-3000 999 calls via a landline?

I would have thought this would be a standard UK setup, when using an SPA-3000 to add voip to an adsl line.

acoolwelshbloke wrote:It should be like this:
Many thanks for that reference - that does the job! (note though that I'm testing with 121, the PSTN voicemail number that doesn't exist on voip, rather than the 112 emergency number, to avoid acciddently making an emergency call).

So the main part of my dialplan (Isle of Man specific) is now:

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(999S0<:@gw0>|112S0<:@gw0>|121S0<:@gw0>|<#9,:>xx.<:@gw0>|<:01624> [6-8]xxxxx|<:07624> [134]xxxxx|*xx.|xxx.)
1. route 999/112/121 calls via PSTN,
2. dial #9 to route any other call via PSTN
3. add area code for local landline numbers (6 digits starting 6-8 )
4. add different area code for local mobile numbers (6 digits starting 1,3 or 4)
5. the rest

Thanks again!

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