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1) Do Voipfone have any plans to route calls to Follow-me / Personal-numbers?

2) Would it be possible to have a more meaningful message from the Voipfone droid if you dial a number which might exist but is not being routed to by Voipfone. For example, I tried calling a Follow-me number and the droid said "...this number is not in service...". I now that Voipfine knows that its a Follow-me number because if you put it in the cost calculator on the website, it correctly identifies it as a Follow-me number with a cost of 0.0p per minute. So, how about a nice meaningful message like "....we are not currently routing calls to this number...".

Re: Follow-me / Personal-numbers

Jaheli wrote:1) Do Voipfone have any plans to route calls to Follow-me / Personal-numbers?
I just checked an emergency dentist's number I have (0707 445****) and it shows as £0.00 per min - Does this mean it's free, or just not available? Usually, the call coster is pretty good, but in cases like this, it could be improved a little 8) Any "tweaks" in the pipeline, support? ;)

edit: sry gang, only had 1 cup of coffee so far and just realised that I posted almost exactly the same question as Jaheli, albeit a month later, so just to eliminate any confusion, I'll rephrase ;)
***BUMP!*** :lol: :lol:

you will be be happy to know that we are going to be adding about 1300 new routes in the next couple of days and this will include 07 personal numbering

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