Voip Phone on DMZ


I always have some disconnections of my phones.
(I have about 5 Voip phones and all of them will disconnect and back registrered after about 2 min...) Which is a nightmare...
As far as I know, my configuration seems to be OK...
I just wonder if my Firewall could be the problem....
I have a Netgear FVX538, where I created the rule for the Voip [5060 - 5070] (Butr seems to be not enough...

I decided to perform some tests and I placed one Voip phone on DMZ (on a different Subnetwork)
Seems to be OK at the moment.

- Is it really dangerous to leave a Voip phone on DMZ ?
- What are the risks ?
- Can we have something like a trojan Horse ? or something could attack the firmware ? having access on the Phone Webaccess ?



One of the theoretical VoIP security attacks relies on first doing a Denial of Service (DoS) attack on the phone.

Then (provided you know the user's login and password) you can either make calls on their account, or even sit as a "man in the middle" and eavesdrop on calls.

OK, so you still need the login and password, but by putting the phone outside the firewall you've gone one step closer to making such an attack possible.

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