Grandstream BT101 - Auto Reboot Script

Hello All,

We have some BT101 voip phones on ou network and as any other user of this phone will tell you they have a habbit of not working (reasons unknown) but if you perform a reboot via the web interface everything works again.

So I have done some searching and found away scheduling a nightly reboot to avoid all those support calls from users.

All you need is an open source program called 'CURL' and a small batch file with the required settings and some way of kicking the batch file off every night (i used windows scheduled tasks)

1) Download CURL from and download the package for whichever platform you want to use (windows in my case).

2) Uncompress to a folder

3)Create a script/batch file with the following commands

Code: Select all

cd c:\curl

curl -c cookiesvoip1.txt -d"P2=admin&Login=Login&gnkey=0b82" http://voip1/dologin.htm 
curl -b cookiesvoip1.txt http://voip1/rs.htm 

curl -c cookiesvoip2.txt -d"P2=admin&Login=Login&gnkey=0b82" http://voip2/dologin.htm 
curl -b cookiesvoip2.txt http://voip2/rs.htm 

Change the above batch file to suit your config, where 'admin' is change to the password for the bt101.

I hope this helps!


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