eyeBeam 1.5 (latest version) and Voipfone

Hi - I used to quite like eyeBeam, but since the latest version has appeared, I've rather begun to change my mind. The configuration options have changed, with some options being removed altogether.

I'm sure I'm not alone, as the Counterpath support site will testify, but I seem to be having more problems with this version connected to Voipfone than Sipgate, for example: 1. I cannot register with the nat.voipfone.co.uk:5065 proxy (probably a bug in the code). 2. Presence doesn't work. 3. After some time - "Registration error: 403 - Forbidden." (even with presence disabled).

I don't have a clue about this last one, which is the most problematic for me - Any advice (apart from switch to a different phone!) would be most welcome!! :o)


v 1.5.5 works great, except..

.. does anyone know decent settings to stop the un-registering problem with it? It logs in perfectly, maintains a pretty good call quality and does everything I need, except I get 403s all the time; I can dial out, but not in thereafter, and need to reboot the phone to make it work.

Any tips?

..thx for the support earlier.. Actually, not quite working like a dream but working a whole lot better; timeouts occur every four or five hours instead of 30 mins now. Still, doesn't time out with any other provider so there's still something funny going on..


I actually joined this forum to resolve this very problem, and wanted to document my issue in as much detail as I can.

As decribed above, I have only encountered this problem since upgrading to version 1.5.5 build 29114

I too am finding myself with the error 403 issue, and having spoken with Tim on technical support today, decided to change my settings to those suggest above.

Here are screenshots of entire properties of my single SIP account

Now I am still getting the following error message on my EyeBeam phone after about 15-20 minutes of no activity.
If I then right click - SIP Account Settings, deselect my single SIP account and OK, then immediately right click - SIP Account Settings, and re-select it and OK, it logs in again perfectly.

Would really appreciate some guidance or advice on this one.
Kind Regards


Hi again

This morning I upgraded to version build 30036 and this has now resolved the problem.

Over 8 hours and hasn't lost connection once.
Kind Regards


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