How do I reduce echo?

i've got a Linksys 941 and a Linksys PAP2 adapter, a Linksys WRG54GS wireless router and a belkin 5 port switch.
using either the 941 or the pap2 i get a lot complaint about echo. Searching the internet i've found no solution.
I was wondering if there are any settings i could tweak to reduce this?
I've turned on Silence Suppression, set the prefered codec to G911u.
I read somewhere that to reduce echo you need to alter the delay. Is this possible and compatable with Voipfone? and if so how would i go about doing this?

Please help as for the time being we've had to revert to old-fashioned phones for outgoing calls and use our Voipfone number for incoming only.

TIA Lyndon

I'm reliably informed that echo occurs *only* in the analog part of the circuit - it's physically impossible for it to be introduced in the IP part of the link.

So if your callers are telling you they only get echo when calling you, it's got to be the analog part at your end.

If you're getting it on the 941, then it's faulty.

If you're getting it on the PAP2, then either the phone you're attaching to it, or the PAP2 itself, is faulty.

thanks for the info. it just so happens that the 941 went fizz pop bang today and won't switch back on. That may have been the cause ofr the problem.
I'll post here when the echo's gone and how i solved it.

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