Voipfone Dialer for MacOSX

This plugin allows you to dial via Voipfone from within Address Book.app.
It appears in the contextual menu for phone numbers.

Download it from here : [edited - please see v1.0.1 below]

Installation :
1) Quit Address Book.app if it is running.
2) Copy the file "Voipfone Dialer Plugin 1.0.scpt" to ~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/.
3) Edit the copied script file in Script Editor.app by double clicking on it.
4) Enter your personal information in the properties at the top.
login : your voipfone website login (email address)
pass : your voipfone website password (all numbers)
caller : the phone number where you are (voip, sip, ptsn etc.)
country : the default country for local numbers (currently 44)
5) Save your changes.
I suggest you put your name in the filename to remind yourself it is personalised.

1) Launch Address Book.app.
2) Find something like your cellphone number.
3) Right-click on it and choose "VoipFone Dialer".
4) Wait for your voip phone to ring to put you through to your cellphone.

Many thanks for the help I got from Voipfone Tech Support.


Feedback on the number-cleaning

Hi All

One of the areas I am keen to get feedback on is the number-cleaning that the plugin performs.

It attempts to do the following :

1. Strip all spaces
2. If the number (from your addressbook) starts with '+' then replace it with a zero.
3. If the number starts with a zero but the 2nd digit is not a zero, replace the leading zero with '0044' (44 being it's default country code, this is editable).

That is it.

Do you find this is enough?
Is it dialling the full range of numbers you want to use correctly?

Thanks for any feedback.

Is there demand for an interactive version?

The MacOSX Voipfone Dialer does it's job in the background, after initially triggering it, no subsequent user interaction required.

It would be pretty trivial to have it configurable so that it will perform it's task so that the user may interact with the process.

Currently, the plugin calls the 'curl' command-line utility to do the whole job. It could however get your default web-browser to do it instead, meaning you would have the chance to edit the outgoing, or source phone numbers before it dials.

This could be useful for people who move around a lot, and need to start calls from many different sources. Currently you have to configure the plugin for one source, this way you would not need to.

Let me know what you think.
Is there a demand for this?

international prefix

Hi Rob

Thanks for the feedback.

I was wrong in what I described above, I replace the '+' with '00', not '0'.

But you are right, if different countries have different international prefixes, then this needs to be configurable.

There is a new version (1.0.1) available at http://www.fiveone.org/dist/VoipfoneDialer-1.0.1.zip

This allows the configuration of the international prefix.
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Re: international prefix

jerm wrote: But you are right, if different countries have different international prefixes, then this needs to be configurable.
No, it's me that was getting confused. You're only ever dialling *from* the UK as it's a voipfone dialler, so 00 is all that is needed... It'll work as it is. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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