Alerts if accounts de-registers? (Or how do I know if people can't reach me?)

Not sure if this is the right forum but here goes:

I've got a Draytek Vigor 2760Vn router/adapter with a few legacy incoming SIP accounts, but Voipfone as my main incoming number. Trouble is, every so often the line drops and the first I know about it is when I'm trying to make an outgoing call and there's no dial-tone. Disaster! I never know how long it's been off and how many calls I've missed. It's not as though it happens every hour or even day. It's completely random, but the only way of getting the connection back is to reboot the adapter. There's o other indication of trouble - the router is working fine for internet, just not SIP.

Is there a way of getting alerts (eg email or text) if my SIP account de-registers?

Re: Alerts if accounts de-registers? (Or how do I know if people can't reach me?)

Currently we dont have an option to send a notification on failed registrations. A PSTN failover can be set so calls are diverted to a chosen landline/mobile number if registration is lost.
If possible I would recommend giving us a call or using our sites live chat between 9am - 5pm, we can do some checks over your devices configuration and run some traces if needed. Hopefully that way we might be able to find the issues causing the de-registrations. We can also look at raising a feature request if you did want to see some form of notification system on lost registrations in future.

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