Busy Call Records


I'm using Virtual PBX and I'm trying to locate call records for when I'm out of my office and calls are diverted to my answering service.
I'm doing this to try and prove that my answering service is not passing on all my calls, as I might like them to.
I can see part of the call records but the initial call is missing.

Here is the call flow:
A. Customer calls my number.
B, My VoIP phone is on Do Not Disturb becasue I am out and the call is diverted to the "When Busy" PSTN number for my answering service.
C. Answering service answer call and take a message and email it to me (or not)

I can see the outgoing call record for the steps B to C call but not the original Caller ID from the Customer at point A. It appears as a call from my extension 201.

Where would I find the original Callers number ?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Busy Call Records

The call record for the incoming caller will show in the incoming call records section, if your not seeing this part of the leg then it would be best to give our support team a call so we can check your account for you.

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Re: Busy Call Records

As I have observed that it is just like that even each set his settings and hardware builtin or an extra piece to connect. Check the settings if you cannot get them so you should be concern or call with tech support center.
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