Does voipfone need a seperate port on the router?

I have a phone with voipfone and this currently has a ethenet cable running directly to it's own port on the router. The pc is separately connected via wireless.

I require the pc to connect directly via ethenet instead of wireless and rather than having new holes drilled through the wall for an additional cable, I am planning on using a Ethernet switch on the single cable and then connecting both the computer and phone into this.

My question is: will this be ok, or does the voipfone (snom 300) need it's own dedicated port on the router?

Re: Does voipfone need a seperate port on the router?

As you say... Simply unplug the Ethernet cable from the snom 300 and connect it to a switch. You can then safely connect both the PC and the snom 300 to the switch.

I actually do it this way without issue.

Some phones have an Ethernet pass-thru (The Snom 300 has this feature) where you connect an Ethernet cable to the phone and then take a second Ethernet cable from the phone to the PC.
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Re: Does voipfone need a seperate port on the router?

You don't necessarily have to use a separate switch; snom 300s have a 10/100Mb pass-thru switch built into them, so you can go network to the phone, phone to the computer, but if you have gigabit networking, this may slow down your computer, in which case it would be better to go into the switch separately.

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