Draytek Vigor 2830Vn-Plus

I note that over the years, lots of people have had problems with Drayteks dropping registrations with Voipfone. This is happening to me as well - I am using a Vigor 2830Vn-plus as a router with a set of Yealink SIP-T28P phones connecting through to Voipfone (I am not using the Vigor as a SIP end point itself - it is there a s a pure router). Every now and again, all phones lose connection to Voipfone - except for a Linksys TA and a Gigaset DECT SIP phone that are also attached - these stay connected.

I have made sure that SIP ALG is disabled on the Vigor. Any ideas what else can be done? It's a bit of a nuisance having to reboot the router every now and again, losing internet connectivity for everyone for a period of time...

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