Anyone live in Germany?

Hi guys,

Does anyone live in Germany and use Deutsche Telekom's ADSL service with their Speedport W722v router?

I use it with a snom 300 phone and generally it works very well but intermitantly after a call has finished the phone will display NR and after 30 secs to 1 min it will reconnect itself during which time I can't recieve calls. After a conversation with Voipfone support it seems there might a SIP ALG switched on in the router but I don't know (and Google hasn't helped) how to turn it off on this router.

So I am hoping that someone out there uses this router with Voipfone and call offer some help..



Re: Anyone live in Germany?

I have had a look for you and i am not finding anything to suggest that that specific router has SIP ALG. I would give your broadband supplier a call and see if they are able to tell you how you can disable it and if it does in fact have it.

Also is your Snom registering to If so please can you change to and also enter this setting in the outbound proxy.


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