Using a Linksys3102 with a normal router in a network

I have plugged in a Linksys 3102 adapter between my router and 1 of 3 pcs connected to the router. This has stopped the pc attached to it from seeing/being seen on the 'normal' network i.e. the other pcs connected to the main router.

the only other topic I've found that was similar suggested maybe turning off the DHCP on the linksys? but I'm a bit unclear and my only attempt did not work, just stopped me accessing the internet from the linksys pc.

How do I change the setup to sort this?

Re: Using a Linksys3102 with a normal router in a network

Your best bet is to connect your computers directly to the network away from the 3102.

You can set the 3102 to enable access to the web interface (and I think network) with this info:

1) Connect a PC with DHCP client to the Ethernet connection

The PC should automatically acquire an IP address, it might be necessary to restart networking or just the whole computer so it gets a new IP address

2) Web browse to or

3) Click Admin, advanced, Wan Setup

4) Find the setting for `Enable WAN Web Server` and set to yes. Submit
all changes.

This may well allow you to access the network while connected to the other side of the 3102 - But you're best just connecting computers directly

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