Linksys SPA2102 Router

Can somebody help me, I seem to have a bit of a problem even connecting this router.

I'm in Mexico and can't get broadband so I'm using dialup. Not ideal, I know, but the best I can do. I've tried in on dialup and it works, although only for about 5 minutes before the conversation gets too delayed. I've been using my Voipfone account from my laptop with a USB phone and the XLite softphone. However, now that I have a telephone line at home I want to plug in a router.

My network consists of a server, a 24-port switch, a wireless bridge (that is also a broadband router) and my laptops. I purchased a Linksys SPA2102 router from Office Depot yesterday but obviously the instructions relate to broadband installation so they don't help much.

I've got my server connecting to the internet via a modem cable and that works fine. I've connected the telephone to the Phone 1 port on the Linksys router (although no lights come on, nor do they come on when I connect it to the Phone 2 port). The network cable is plugged into my switch and the Internet port on teh Linksys router. When I connected it tot he Network port no lights came on. Now I have the Ethernet light on but no connection. The manual says that to configure it I need to log on to the config page at, problem is my server (whihc is also the DHCP server is using that address. I changed the server to (although I don't know what problems that will cause on my network), but I still can't even get to the config page for teh Linksys router.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

OK. Things have moved on slightly now. When I lived in teh UK I had an Intertex IX66 broadband router. This has a built in DHCP server. Although I don't have broadband here, I do have the router. So I plugged it in. Now the server is no longer the DHCP server and so doesn't have the IP Problem is, the Intertex router does! Or rather it doesn't! The router config page is now at and when I view the network from here it shows three connections on These are listed as TIM (my laptop), SipuraSPA and Svr1 (my server) respectively. As I can identify TIM and Svr1, and the only other things plugged into the network are the Intertex router and the Linksys adapter, I'm assuming that SipuraSPA is the Linksys adapter. However, when I try to access the config page on (like the book says) I get nothing but a blank page. If I try I get page cannot be displayed.

I don't know if this makes things better or worse, but any help would be a huge bonus.

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