No dial tone, phone not ringing

I took delivery of my Speedtouch 780wl voip router this morning. The router works fine and I have set up voipfone on it. It shows as registered and if I ring my voip phone number it shows as a missed call in the router call logs. I assume everything is working fine as far as the router.
However, I am using a BT synergy cordless phone plugged into the router. No dial tone on the phone... and it doesn't ring on incoming calls.
I wonder whether the phone is incompatible... any ideas ?

do you have a bt to rj11 adaptor ? does the router have a built in ring capacitor ?

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You've cracked it, thanks very much. I was using the original RJ11 to phone lead to go from wall socket to router and a RJ45 - RJ45 to go from router to handset. I now have switched the leads over and used adaptors and it works fine. strange..

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