CRM / API Integrations - Incoming Call Number Utility?

Hi All,

Looking for a bit of support here, I have multiple business and services with voipfone, (i was an early adopter). As we migrate to more and more advanced cloud systems for the businesses one in particular relies on quick call handling. We have a fantastic piece of cloud software that relies on the customers mobile number to bring up order information instantly to allow the call handler do deal with what ever changes need making as quick as possible. Currently we manually type the number into the crm reading it from a snom desk phone. (Not ideal, especially when setting up new customers.. numbers get typed wrong, digits missed etc). It might not sould like much but its 15-20 seconds per call, but it all adds up (without mistypes and errors). Our software provider integrates with other voip providers but has advised that he cannot with voipfone. Support confirmed this via a phone call. He has advised switching to ringcentral as they offer integration facilities. However Im loyal i like voipfone, it has its niggles but broadly speaking its work really well for us over the years.

So my query..

1) Any information on timescales to offer api / cloud integration.
2) Any work around apps? We use snow 360 desk phones, is there an app that would copy the incoming phone number to the clipboard so it can be instantly pasted into our crm system?

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