Call Presentation on Call Diverts

This is something I've all but begged Voipfone to do so I guess I'm leaving it in the feedback forum!

We are a VA agency (where our staff are remotely based) and have a number of inbound numbers and call display works wonders if it rings one or all phones, but when one number should go to an account manager, diverting a call makes no sense at all in that the divert acts as if the redirected call is coming from the account manager's phone!

I've asked about how the line presentation or configuration settings can be used so that the inbound number (not the calling number) is displayed even when it's diverted to another extension but this isn't possible, VP's customer support said. This needs to be a standard feature as we need to identify the number that's being called, and ringing all phones just isn't right for us as they come through to an account manager or team lead in the first instance, but there are times when they're on the phone already.

Please Voipfone, make this a feature.

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