odd 'calls' I can't answer

My handset (Gigaset S650H PRO) occasionally rings but there is no one on the other side when I answer. There was a spate of these in the early evening a few months ago and I didn't work out what they were, but I've had another today.

The screen displays the ringing bell icon, but the number on the screen never looks like a phone number (today's was 1959954216) and I assume is a code rather than a number.

it also doesn't display the usual format:
from number xyz

from number xyz repeated
for ext. abc

reject / silence
But has the one number once and reject / silence options.

When I reject it has a code - I went to take a photo with my mobile, but it cleared before I could. There was some error text and the number 814.

Any ideas what this is and why I get them?

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