Google Hangouts taking over instead of the Voipfone Browser

I have installed the Voipfone browser Extension for Firefox. (I have used this before and it was great)
Since my last use I have installed Google hangouts (which I use to comunicate around my workshop)

Now when I click a highlighted phone number in the browser instead of loading the Voiphone extension it loads Google Hangouts.

Google hangouts is NOT Installed on firefox it is installed on my Chrome browser.

I spoke with a Voipfone advisor and he couldn't help.

Re: Google Hangouts taking over instead of the Voipfone Brow

Subsiquent to my initial post I have experimented further and dug a little deeper.

I have discovered that the problem is not the borwser or extension, but the search engine. If I do the same search with for instance I can click the number and everything works as expected.

Likewise if you're in a website rather than the search results the extension works as expected.

It is definitely something goodle are doing with their page (Looks like somehitn in the HTML mentions Hangouts)

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